Featured packet April 2017 – Good Day Sunshine

Winter is stubbornly hanging on to this area of the province, but that doesn’t mean I can’t decide that it’s spring in my heart 🙂 I mean, why not? We are artists, after all. No matter the number of uncontrollable events life decides to throw our way,  we ultimately have the final say in our responses. With brush in hand, we are the masters of our own personal canvas. Not the other way around.

This month, join me in a celebration of spring (coming soon to an outdoors near you – I just know it 🙂 ) with the “Good Day Sunshine” instruction booklet. These instructions are meant for the beginner to intermediate artist. In this book, you’ll be introduced to glazing, dry brush vs wet brush technique and how to create a realistic water drop.

Purchase the booklet for $ 9.99, or go with a bundle (includes booklet, canvas and paint) for $22.95. Please click here to purchase online.

Go on…defy winter. Let it know that it’s not getting the best of you 🙂


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